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Plot synopses adapted with permission from Lee's episode guide.
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  1. The Chase of Fire Raid (Pilot)
  2. The Life Against Death Raid
  3. The Wildest Raid of All
  4. The Kill or Be Killed Raid
  5. The Chain of Death Raid
  6. The Do or Die Raid
  7. The Blind Man's Bluff Raid
  8. The Fatal Chase Raid
  9. The Blow Sky High Raid
  10. The Moment of Truce Raid
  11. The Deadly Double Raid
  12. The Gun Runner Raid
  13. The Lighthouse Raid
  14. The Daredevil Rescue Raid
  15. The Last Harbor Raid (Parts 1-3)
  16. The One That Got Away Raid
  17. The Two For One Raid
  18. The Last Chances Raid
  19. The B-Negative Raid
  20. The Exhibit "A" Raid
  21. The Holy War Raid
  22. The Two Against Time Raid
  23. Wild Goose Raid
  24. The Bring 'Em Back Alive Raid
  25. The Take Me To Your Leader Raid
  26. The Double or Nothing Raid
  27. The Hourglass Raid
  28. The Mask-A-Raid
  29. The Fire-and-Brimstone Raid
  30. The Delilah Raid
  1. The Truce at Aburah Raid
  2. The David and Goliath Raid
  3. The Trial By Fire Raid
  4. The Darers Go First Raid
  5. The Love Thine Enemy Raid
  6. The Darkest Raid
  7. The Death Do Us Part Raid
  8. The Do-Re-Mi Raid
  9. The Kingdom Come Raid
  10. The Hide-and-Go-Seek Raid
  11. The Violent Truce Raid
  12. The Life-For-A-Life Raid
  13. The Fifth Wheel Raid
  14. The Two If By Sea Raid
  15. The Street Urchin Raid
  16. The Pipeline to Disaster Raid
  17. The Boomerang Raid
  18. The Fatal Reunion Raid
  19. The Decoy Raid
  20. The Touch-and-Go Raid
  21. The Field of Death Raid
  22. The Double Jeopardy Raid
  23. The Hickory, Dickory, Dock Raid
  24. The Tug-of-War Raid
  25. The Never Say Die Raid
  26. The Kill at Koorlea Raid

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