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The Double or Nothing Raid
Season 1 Episode 26 (Airdate: Mar 27, 1967)
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Guest Cast:
Ben Wright - Colonel Voss
Barry Ford - Captain Rostov

Writer: Mark Weingart
Director: Sutton Roley

commentary: Moffit's about to be executed for "espionage against the Third Reich" when suddenly the Patrol comes to his rescue. A German truck attempts to scoops up Moffitt but can't and ends up taking a Nazi captain in his place -- for exchange. Negotiations for a prisoner exchange have been underway but Troy doubts that the Germans will obey their own rules. Colonel Voss, the German commander, wants to see the Patrol wiped out and uses the exchange as a trap. The captain ends up trying to escape the Patrol and gets himself killed. Now Troy has no one to exchange for a seriously wounded Moffitt and must attempt to pass himself off as a German.

Read Tulliac's comments: How the chance line "He suffers so nicely" brings back memories of Christopher George's appearances -- as himself

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