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The Last Harbor Raid (Parts 1, 2 and 3)
Season 1 Episode 15 (Airdates: Dec 19, 26 of 1966 and Jan 2, 1967)
Recut and rebroadcast in 1969 as a TV movie under the title Massacre Harbour

Moffittmeter Parts 1 and 2 great, Dismal Part 3 except he takes his shirt off at the very end.

1 Confirmed, Probably a lot in the escape scene.

Takes his shirt off again!!

Part 1 very neat, tidy, sufer blonde -- Part 2 & 3 never takes his helmet off.
No Dietrich which is a shame 'cause at least he would have thought something was up. Too bad he couldn't have been taking a little R & R at the officer's club . Would have made things a little more interesting.
Guest Cast:

part 1:
Stanley Adams -- El Gamil
Will Kuluva -- Bertaine
part 2:
Guest cast: Claudine Longet -- Marianne
John Anderson -- Major Indrus
Stanley Adams -- El Gamil
part 3:
as above

Writers: Richard Landau and John Peyser
Director: John Peyser


Part 1: After each Allied bombing of their harbor, the Germans use Allied POWs to rebuilt it. HQ sends the Rat Patrol to liberate the POWs and halt the harbor's usefulness. Troy must coordinate his plans with Major Indrus, an American who is inside the camp. They use an explosive-laden boat to get into the harbor but the Germans stop it halfway in. The captain doesn't allow the Germans to board his boat. Troy and his men are able to fight off the boarding party but the moment they set foot on shore they are spotted in the beam of a German guard's flashlight.

Part 2: Bertaine -- the captain of the boat -- has been shot. Moffitt and Hitch (dressed as Germans) go to find his daughter (Marianne). They tell her of her father's death and then take her home - after they tell her who they really are. They also tell her that they need to use the fishing fleet. Meanwhile, Troy secretly meets with American POW liaison officer. Troy then meets with Moffitt at the house of El Gamil, a sympathetic black marketeer. Informed of the plan, El Gamil dispatches his men to the various harbor areas to alert the fishermen. Troy sets the action to begin at dawn.

Part 3: The plan is for the fishing fleet to bring out the prisoners, Dunkirk-fashion. However, a Nazi patrol boat has intercepted the boats. The fishermen believe that Marinanne is a collaborator. Sgt. Troy, though, disagrees. He's right. Marianne talks the fishermen into cooperating, and the prisoners make good their escape.

This way to Jan's Notes: a.k.a. The Great Escape.

Jan's Notes: a.k.a. The Great Escape.

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Jan's Notes on The Last Harbour Raid

Our Lads on a boat

The Last Harbour Raid -- Part I: A.k.a. The Great Escape

6 April 1999

Sorry no fantastic motorcycle chases over rolling hills, or long tunnels being dug. Just 5,000 men running desperately to the Mediterranean Sea to the rescue boats waiting for them -- all of this arranged by the Patrol of course.

The Patrol is asked to attend a meeting at headquarters where the details of a special mission will be revealed to them. When they drive up to the building, a great big stone building, there are all these guys on balconies staring down at them. What did they expect to see? Four men wearing tights and capes?

At this meeting, a Poindexter look--alike reveals the details of the mission to Patrol. Arrange the escape of 5,000 men from the POW camp at the last harbour through which Germans can bring supplies. They are told there is a "small" port battalion, and German's officer club and just a few men guarding the camp. And to help spirit the men away, the help of the local fishing fleet will be arranged through Bertaine, a local fisherman and member of the underground.

So the patrol goes off with Bertaine in his fishing boat and things start to go wrong immediately. Bertaine is stopped by the German Coast patrol because he is out after curfew. Question -- Why didn't they arrange to come in before curfew? This is just asking for trouble. The patrol are hidden in a hold where they have a bunch of dead fish dumped on them -- to disguise them I guess: Look -- I'm a fish, not an Allied soldier. However, Bertaine's story of a bum motor isn't bought by the German skipper and he tries to board the fishing boat. Bertaine objects with a spear and he and his men are shot and dumped overboard. The skipper decides to tow the boat into harbour and examine it there.

Where they all arrive in the harbour, Troy kills the soldier who decides to peer down the hold to look at the strange fish. Hitch then gets the guy in the stern, and Tully takes care of the guy in the bow. Well, great! Here they are with no way of transporting the ammunition and explosives they brought with them, plus their one and only contact is lying at the bottom of the sea and they stink of fish. If you have ever been near a cannery or a cannery worker, you know that the dead fish smell ranks a close second to skunk.

What to do? I know... let's run around town causing great excitement among the local feline population and perhaps find a sanctuary, someplace to pause, to reevaluate their position, to review their plans. While they are dashing to and fro, they are being followed. Tully notices that and brings it to Troy's attention. They confront the individual, who turns out to be a jovial fellow, an oaf and bungler, a buffoon who offers them sanctuary, someplace to pause, to reevaluate their position, to review their plans. This El Gamil also turns out to be running local black market.

At the house of El Gamil, the guys meet El Gamil's extensive family and his dog, who happens to be the same dog who was practicing Stupid Pet Tricks in the Daredevil Rescue Raid. Guess El Gamil is also hoping to break into show business or start his own circus. Food and drink is provided (no fish!). And the patrol come up with a new plan to free the 5,000 men. El Gamil informs them of Bertaine's daughter, Marianne, who sings at the German's officer club and is thought to be a collaborator. Naturellement! Moffitt and Hitch are delegated to contact Marianne at the German Officer's club where the German Commander of the small port battalion is hanging out. El Gamil provides the two with a change of clothes -- at least they don't go through the whole mission reeking -- and a vehicle. Hitch also has his face all wrapped up so no one can try to make him speak. Meanwhile Troy and Tully get to hang out with El Gamil and family. May be they can teach the dog to roll over better. I only hope Troy and Tully at least get to wash up or something.

Why is El Gamil's baby blonde and blue-eyed. How hard could it be to find a dark-haired baby?

Here endeth Part I

The Last Harbour Raid -- Part II: A.k.a. The Great Escape Part II

Part II starts with Moffitt and Hitch arriving at the German Officer's Club. I can only assume that this is used as an R & R facility, because if according to Allied intelligence there is only a small battalion and small garrison guarding the POW camp, I can't see there being such an extravagant club for just a few officers.

Marianne is there, torturing -- oops, I mean singing to the officers, and Moffitt asks that she be asked to join them at their table after she is finished. We also see who I assume to be the local commander, who receives the information regarding the fishing boat which is found to be full of ammunition and explosives, and regarding the sailors left to secure the vessel also being dead and on the bottom of the ocean.

Marianne joins Moffitt and Hitch wearing his mummy disguise. Moffitt introduces themselves as German officers and informs her of her father's death. She decides to go home. They accompany her. As they leave, Marianne turns around and looks at the German commander. Now, you would think this is suppose to have some significance. If you were a German commander and you were informed about a fishing boat found full of explosives, etc., and German sailors killed, wouldn't you issue some orders perhaps increasing patrols? Also, wouldn't you arrange to have someone inform Marianne of her father's death? But none of this seems to happen. It is as if the Germans just simply ignore what has happened.

At Marianne's home, Moffitt informs her that they really aren't Germans, they are allies and they need her help contacting the fishing fleet. Marianne is suitably suspicious but she agrees to help. Moffitt then goes off to help Troy and Tully leaving Hitch to watch over Marianne. What was the guy thinking, leaving Mr. Have a Girl in Every Camp to watch Marianne? Hitch attempts to be very close-mouthed and stern. Marianne accuses Hitch of not talking much. Boy, wait until she meets Tully. We have a little scare when a good-looking German soldier returns Marianne's compact to her. Hitch accuses Marianne of being a whore; she start crying and Hitch melts.

Meanwhile, Troy decides he should let Major Indus, ranking officer of the POW camp, know of the plans to free him and the 5,000 men. Major Indus is not impressed with Troy's plan since they haven't got the explosives or the ammunition or the fishing fleet, but Troy manages to convince him that a maybe plan is better than no plan. Indus agrees to prepare his men and arrange for the POW camp to start burring at the designated hour.

Big, big question -- just how big is this fishing fleet anyway?

Troy, Tully, and Moffitt with the help of El Gamil locate the explosives and ammunition taken off the fishing boat and liberate it. Unfortunately El Gamil is killed detaining the Germans who finally show up. It is very bad luck to agree to assist the Rat Patrol. Your life expectancy rate immediately plummets to zero!

Hitch is back with Marianne telling her how sorry he is. Oh, Boo, Hoo!

Here endeth Part II

The Last Harbour Raid -- Part III: A.k.a. The Great Escape Part III

Part III opens with Marianne and Hitch. Marianne somehow has learned that all Hitchcock's friends call him Hitch. She wakes him up, offers him coffee, and he takes off his shirt. Logical sequence of events, don't you think? He says something about home, she starts crying again, he apoologizes again and hugs her. She says, "'old me, 'Itch." He says, "I have you," then kisses her. Excuse me but isn't she supposed to trying to contact the great fishing fleet. Instead these two are making kissy face. And what are Troy, Moffit and Tully doing ... hauling explosives and ammunition all over the place?

There is a big gap -- cause the next scene is Hitch and Marianne boarding a fishing boat where Troy, Moffitt and Tully are already present with the fishing boat captains. When and where were they contacted? How was the meeting arranged? Just a few minor questions.

Now here are the fishing boat captains -- giving the benefit of the doubt -- all fifteen of them. Fifteen goes in to 5,000 how many times? Approx. 333. Each boat is expected to carry 333 men. These must be very big boats. Of course, let's assume that only half make it. That's 166 men per boat. Still need a pretty big boat. I'm afraid some of these POWs are going to have to swim. Unless there are a whole bunch of them we don't see.

Troy tries his best to convince the men to help but they remain resistant. Then Marianne breaks into a heart-rending version of Sur le Pont D'Avignon, and in order to shut her up they agree to help. Off the patrol go to make sure the explosives that they have been hauling all over town are set up. And they don't run into any German Patrols or anything? These Germans deserve everything that happens to them. They find the explosives missing and they don't do anything? Wouldn't it have dawned on someone by now that there are people who do not have the Third Reich's best interests at heart running around town.?

So at 6:00 am the POW march out of camp to go to work on the harbour with a new sense of purpose, knowing they are marching to freedom and another opportunity to vanquish the enemy and save the world from oppression. Tory checks the time with Moffitt twice and checks to make sure Hitch set the timer on the explosives correctly. Talk about being a worry wart. As the patrol watches the men leave the camp, Hitch remarks "Boy, there sure is a lot of them." Hitch, haven't you been paying attention?! There are 5,000 of them. The explosives go off, the incendiaries go off, the patrol starts firing and the great escape is off and running. The fishing boats are waiting for the men and everyone heads towards the water and freedom.

The patrol of course gets a boat all to itself it seems -- where are the other 166 men it should be carrying? Marianne is on the boat and she and Hitch go off to the front of the boat to hug and stuff. Guess what? She get shot and killed. Told you it was dangerous to agree to assist the Patrol.

Hitch buries Marianne and spouts the most ridiculous stuff I have ever hear at a grave site. Talk about drivel. What's wrong with the Lord's Prayer or the 23rd Psalm or just plain Rest in Peace? I am assuming that the fishing fleet got the POWs to safety without being strafed by German planes or stopped by German destroyers or what ever?

And I wonder what the fishing fleet did after this? They couldn't exactly go back home and pretend nothing happened could they?

Here endeth Part III

Final Notes on Last Harbour: A.k.a. The Great Escape -- Final Thoughts

Tully gets seven lines total all three episodes. He is definitely in the background in this episode, which is totally unfair since everyone else gets a little focus. They should have cut out that stupid lovey-dovey scene with Hitch and done more with Troy, Moffitt, and Tully. That would have been a lot more interesting. They kill the girl off anyway so who cares.

The Germans are real idiots in this episode. They don't seem to do anything to find out about the explosives which are found on the boat and then stolen, the dead sailors, etc.

So much for the Last Harbor Raid.

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