Xena and Beyond

1000 Years: still under construction • Pantheoi: Myths & Legends • Panhellas: Everything you need to know to hit the road • Greek for a Treat: Speak like a Native • Visit the Eternal City of Caesar, Julius CaesarSPQR Blues: Take a Virtual Walk through Herculaneum


Just How Many Gods Does Xena Know?
Gods and Demons



Greek Heroine cults
The Muses and their Mother


Jason and the Argonauts

Ulysses and the Odyssey

Poseidon and Cecrops, first king of Athens


A toe-dip into the ancient world
Everything you need to know to follow Xena around Greece

snake goddessClothing:
What to wear on the road

bronze chariotChariots, Horses, & Sore Feet:
Getting from point Alpha to point Beta

vases3Vases, Goblets, & Pitchers:
Dining Out on the road (with a special section on Dining Down Under)

building1Hostels and Plumbing:
Best places to stay

Hercules bronzeHerakles and other Heroes:
Meeting the friendly natives

Mycenaean daggersArms and Armour:
Road Safety Tips

centaur bronzeAmazons and Centaurs:
Local Politics

frescoPaintings and Other Art:
Buying Souvenirs

Greek as a Treat

Communicating with the friendly natives

Pronunciation guide: the great debate
Warm-up exercises
Essential phrases
Romance on the Peloponnesus

SPQR Blues

A Guy, A Volcano, and the Eternal Quest for Meaningful Employment

Take a virtual walk through an ancient city (and meet some other friendly natives)

Plus: Prime real estate available near the slopes of scenic Mount Vesuvius

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