Gem and FemmeAphrodite's Rostra
of Bell-Ringing Babes

(Sure, they're babes . . . But can we bring them home to Mother?)

XenaGallery Table of Contents

 I. Babes of a Thousand Days: Logomancy's most requested babes

II. Babes of
Season Three
III. The Babes of
Season Two
IV. The Babes of
Season One
coming any day now:
 Lao Ma
 the Furies
 Acastus the Argonaut
 Miss Artiphys
 David and/or Jonathan
 Paris & Deiphobus
 Helen of Troy
 K. Douglass & T. Curtis
V. Babes for All Seasons VI. The Cupid Wing VII.
 Jason the Argonaut
 Caesar, Julius Caesar
 You be the judge

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