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Well, all right, so it's really the
K A R L   U R B A N


Caesar, Julius Caesar

Occupation: god of luv; cabana boy
Advantages: see above
Disadvantages: opinionated mother; wee bit of a jealousy problem; fashion victim
Occupation: Conqueror
Advantages: All-around good candidate: successful military and political career; hangs out with dishy young generals
Disadvantages: (see words of advice, below)
Occupation: firstborn son
Advantages: promising future as zealous warlord, if he can get those fratricidal tendencies under control; nice hairline
Disadvantages: fanatic with fratricidal tendencies, misogynist

Cupid & the lads
Words of advice:
1. Don't step out of line -- Caesar's wife must be above suspicion
2. Don't turn your back on him
3. Beware the Ides of March

Mael & his backup singers

wild kiwi

Babes for All Seasons

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