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Xena Lit

In our tradition of being the Styx between fiction and TV fiction (so says Yahoo Internet Life, and who are we to argue?), we present a little nonfiction, too...

The Seven Hills and how they got that way

A recipe for Roman Punch

What Pompey the Great told his hairdresser

A funny thing happened on the way to the Colosseum

Camulodunum on XXX Antoniani Per Diem

Nunc Edendum (Soup's on)



Destiny Season 2, episode 12
With lyrical cinematography and a sweeping story, DESTINY manages to give us in fifty minutes as much as a hundred years of big-screen Roman epics have done. The introduction of the character of Caesar to XENA and still our choice for best Roman episode.

When in Rome

When in Rome Season 3, episode 16
From Gaul to Syria (approx. 49 images)
Home to Rome (approx. 51 images)
Caesar's Palace and around the neighbourhood (approx. 49 images)
The Road to Rome and a tour of the Tullium (approx. 51 images)
Arena (approx. 68 images)

Render Unto Caesar

Render Unto Caesar Image Gallery (96 images)

A Good Day

Endgame Season 4, episode 5
(images not yet restored) (the "rough" batch)
(images not yet restored) (catching the moments we missed)



Season 4, episode 20
Gallery restored with 98 images

The Ides of March

Season 4, episode 21
(images not yet restored))
portrait and sword
SPQR Blues and Virtual Herculaneum

Babe Gallery
The Karl Urban / Cupid Wing of the Gallery

flaming brazier
The Flame in the Catacombs Online round-robin / epic extravaganza

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