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Welcome to the 6th Season Edition of the Credits Guide, which represents many, many, many hours of painstaking viewing and work. We feel that our efforts are well worth this, due to our love for this show in general, Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor in specific, and all the producers, writers and other crafts people who create this fabulous show, "Xena: Warrior Princess".

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This Credits Guide was created and is maintained by Donald Frozina. Any errors are solely mine. Any questions, comments, suggestions and/or updates, please e-mail me at frozina@qnet.com.

Primary Contributors

Many, many thanks go to the following persons for their valued assistance:

Other Contributors/Reviewers

Many thanks also go to the following persons for their past valued assistance:


Some names in the broadcast credits are still too small to be seen reliably -- so we've made our best guess as to their spellings. As Cynara the blind seer in "Cradle of Hope" said while reading her golden stones: "Apologies... It is puzzling... I cannot read that."

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