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Cupid/Karl Urban Wing
Roma Aeterna
We Want a Movie!
DVDs--you know you want it (you mean you don't already have it?) DVDs
Hercules & Xena - The Warrior Princess / The Gauntlet / Unchained Heart
Season One - six-DVD set
The Series Finale (Director's Cut) - also available used

Lightning Award
The folks at the PNW Xenite Newsletter, Xenally Yours, gave us this lovely award and interviewed Clio and Don for their September 1999 newsletter (issue 8).

Amazon Queen in Exile: Clio, Often Missing and Presumed Eaten by a Mythical Beastie - High Ministers of the Court: Donald Frozina, Counter of the Grain; Robin Mayhall, High Minister with Right of Caste; Richard Carter, Jr., High Minister Emeritus; Ephiny Nikita, Malamute Ambassador in Memoriam

This web site is a fannish, not-for-profit endeavour and is not intended to infringe on the copyrights of Universal Television Enterprises, Inc., MCA, or Renaissance. We fondly thank the producers for supporting ours and all other fans' activities on the Internet, and thank the Xenafolks for giving us the original go-ahead when we first asked to create a website.

Karl Urban Server move in progress so the XENA Archive can continue haunting the internet! So...who's been watching Almost Human?

The Winners are in! See the results.
Ten copies of the brand-new game CAESAR IV have been donated to the site, so I'm giving them away in honour of the first anniversary of my webcomic and eleven years (!) of XENA on the web. You might enjoy my webcomic SPQR Blues. Come visit! And let me know what you think.

SUMMER 2006:
This site, the labour of years of love and hate and more love, is an archive now. If there's anything missing you'd like to see, drop Clio a line at xena at klio dot net, and, if the files still exist, they will be restored. Be sure to use a clear subject line on your e-mail—this site gets a whole lot of spam!

Alti costume 16 JUNE 2003:
Rumours abound. A XENA movie in the works? A XENA-Relic Hunter crossover? Clio will just sit here quietly in her distant hermit's archives and watch how it all plays out.

Gallery Files found: The Cupid Wing of Aphrodite's Babe Gallery (all right, it's really the Karl Urban Wing—see Clio's current babe rostra); Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (204); The Giant Killer (203); Livia (520); Purity (506); The Quest (213); Gallery link fixed: You Are There (613).

The Alti Costume is now listed on eBay.

Gallery Files found: Endgame (420); Amphipolis Under Siege (514); Little Problems (508); Hercules, Tramps, & Thieves; Hercules series finale: Full Circle.

Criminey, an update! 9 JUNE 2003: I have been steadily uploading all those missing image galleries, not only for XENA but also for CLEOPATRA 2525 and JACK OF ALL TRADES. I'd like the site to carry on at least as an archive of many fondly remembered (and really intense) years, but first, there will have to be something in the archives.... I will be listing the Alti costume from Between the Lines (gallery still being uploaded from its exile on a defunct computer) on eBay sometime this week. I've treasured it dearly and very much don't want to see it go (and, yes, I wore it—to a Lord of the Rings extended-DVD party), but...finances...

1000 x 1000 links Are there still 1000 actively updated sites in the Xenaverse? By now, there are probably a thousand times that number and a thousand times as many as made this ancient list

Serving the Cause of Xena since September 1995
(more or less)

LogomancyLogomancy is based in Riverdale, NYC, and Austin, TX (home of wonderful Threadgills Restaurant). Questions or Comments about this XENA web site? Don't hesitate to let us know at xena @ klio.net!

Who is Clio?Who is Clio, Amazon Queen in Exile?
Look! It's a photo of Clio! She looks like an old lady! Here's another one, in a Gab t-shirt! And again, although only half a head! And again! Criminey! Amazing what you find out there when you google on yourself....

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