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Bad Boys

Hauptmann Dietrich (Hans Gudegast)

Driven, unforgiving, and unrelenting, yet with a heart of gold. Changed name to Eric Braeden after the war and enjoys a successful career in soaps.

Fave food: sauerkraut and bier.

Anonymous Jerrie (Anonymous 60s extra)

Can't shoot, fight, or aim a grenade, but still bravely keeps coming back week after week. Typically nearsighted and hard of hearing.

see also: Star Trek, Redshirt; Star Wars, Stormtrooper.

Fave food: dinner in Berlin.

This interesting information from Anne Collins Smith:
I think the "Anonymous Jerrie" in your picture is Norbert Meisel; he and another actor named Manfred Lating played most of the anonymous German characters on Rat Patrol. Recently I was visiting a friend who had a professional copy of a Really Bad Movie starring Eric Braeden and Tyne Daly (who was very young and thin), made just a few years after RP. What struck me about the movie was that it was produced by none other than. . . . Norbert Meisel! EB plays a drifter who is hired on to help an elderly man with some hard outdoor work; eventually the old man, who is infertile, asks EB to impregnate his wife. I think it was called The Adulteress, but I'm not sure.