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Our Boys

Sgt. Sam Troy, aka "Sarge" (Christopher George)

Charismatic leader, could charm a camel at 50 paces. Small in stature but carries a big gun.

see also: Captain Kirk.

Fave food: steak & potatoes.

Sgt. Jack Moffitt, aka "Don't call me Sarge" (Gary Raymond)

PhD, archaeologist, son of an archaeologist (no whip). Suave, sophisticated, multilingual, and gets to wear the black beret.

Fave food: steak-and-kidney pie.

Pvt. Mark "Hitch" Hitchcock, aka "the kid" (Lawrence Casey)

Innocent boy-next-door, yet with a fondness for explosive devices.

Fave food: burger and fries.

Pvt. Tully Pettigrew, aka "guy with the southern accent" (Justin Tarr)

Silent type. Really silent. But watch out for those hidden depths.

see also: GI Joe.

Fave food: Grandma's home cooking, and maybe a 6-pack.

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