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Appropriate for all manner of social occasions, or whenever you feel like chatting with the guys. Sounds clips are provided in two formats -- .AIFF for Mac and .WAV for PCs or Mac. Some browsers will play sound files for you when you click on the link (for example, Netscape 3.0 for Mac will open a window to play. AIFF and .WAV files); you can also try utilities such as SoundMachine and SoundApp for the Mac. File sizes are indicated so you'll know what you're getting into before you start a download -- the larger file size is either a higher quality recording or a longer version of the quote. If you have any requests let us know, and we'll try our best.
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JMThe Quintessential Moffitt

Jack Moffitt speaks a multitude of languages. And, of course, an actor who knows how to use his voice as well as Gary Raymond can make even the oddest line sophisticated and memorable. Don't believe it? Sample some of these samples below.


description episode .WAV .AIFF
Moffitt explains his educational background and family history to Troy. The Chase Through Fire Raid (Pilot) 288K (long)
87K (short)
"See, the desert is like a lady -- puts on a new face every day." The Chase Through Fire Raid 50K 50K
Moffitt explains the concept of brewing tea: "Permission to brew up? Tea -- one always asks permission of one's commanding officers." The Chase Through Fire Raid 98K
More on the same topic: "Great booster for the morale, tea. Even under the most difficult circumstances." The Chase Through Fire Raid 72K 72K
"Rule Britannia!" The Chase Through Fire Raid 19K 20K
"Piece of Cake" The Two If By Sea Raid 22K 22K
"I'm just a cautious desert rat who's had too much experience in the art of survival." The Two If By Sea Raid 75K 75K
"Cyanide . . . flavour of the month" The Two If By Sea Raid 71K 71K
"If I have to, I can change a lightbulb." The Two If By Sea Raid 48K 48K
"I have some . . . cognac." The Two If By Sea Raid 37K 38K
"Try the steak and kidney pie, it's lovely" The Daredevil Rescue Raid ##K ##K
"My German is very good" The Delilah Raid 19K 19K
"We like kraut convoys" [to come] 33K 33K

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