Emily Raymond


Season 5 final episode (1997)

reviewed by Anne Collins Smith

A complete script of the episode can be found here.

Emily Raymond

Here's a summary:

Emily Raymond looks a lot like her father, especially around the eyes. This makes her striking rather than pretty, very interesting to look at. She also appears to be quite tall; if you watch closely in her scenes with Adrian Paul, who is over 6', she appears to be nearly the same height.

Like the Hammer House of Horror episode, this is quite nightmarish, not recommended for the squeamish. It is a controversial episode in the Highlander canon because it involves the death of a major character.

Emily Raymond Emily Raymond plays Allison Landry, the granddaughter of an archaeologist (great casting!) named Jason Landry, who dies after loosing the spirit of Ahriman, an evil Zoroastrian demon who returns to earth every thousand years and who must be defeated each time by a champion. This time around the champion is the Highlander, Duncan MacLeod. There's a nice scene where Allison explains her grandfather's notes about Ahriman and the champion to Duncan. Ahriman is not happy with this, and there is a terrifying sequence after Duncan has left in which Allison is eventually killed by the demon. Emily Raymond We're not done with our Emily Raymond sightings yet, however; Ahriman is fond of taking the form of Duncan's friends and enemies to torment him, and shows up at Duncan's home looking like Allison, in a flimsy negligee and bad attitude. Once Duncan realizes that she's really Ahriman, he threatens to kill her, whereupon she tells him to go ahead, "But afterward, you have to make love to me." Wonderfully creepy and sultry, and quite a contrast to the shy character she portrayed before. Eventually Ahriman, posing as Duncan's protege Richie, inveigles Duncan into actually killing the real Richie; the episode, and the fifth season, end with a guilt-ridden Duncan walking away, leaving his sword, his horrified friends, and Richie's body.

Even then, we're still not done with Emily Raymond--this is the first of the three-episode arc, and we hear her voice in the explanatory material at the beginning of each of the next two episodes.

A sound clip from Archangel: her father's voice? (aiff - 225K; wav to come)

11 February 1999

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