Egyptian No. 5 has the power
to cloud mens' minds

It's not what you think --
they're brother and sister

Young Prince Johnny

Invisible Man
(television series, 1959)

Johnny (Gary Raymond), prince and tallest resident of Balat, one of those obscure Middle Eastern countries the Mission Impossible task force is always slinking around in, is a youthful student at Oxford, keen on bringing science and technology to his small homeland. There's been a big run on Egyptian Number 5 face makeup in Balat lately, which seems to be affecting the temperament of the populace, particularly the military. Prince Johnny's older brother, King Raschid, is murdered soon after the opening credits by an ambitious general. Fortunately, the general's wicked plans to depose Johnny and kidnap Johnny's sister are foiled by the prince with the help of his invisible, naked university don, Professor Brady.

Lawrence of Balat In spite of the Oxford trappings, this was not a highly intellectual series (in case you couldn't guess), but there is some nice Moffitt-style fighting toward the end and there's Gary Raymond in yet another Lawrence-of-Arabia turn. One suspects the director told Gary Raymond his character was from a small and obscure Indian principate before deciding on a small and obscure Middle Eastern principate midway through the first day of shooting. And don't adjust that dial -- bad guy number three is indeed wearing a double layer of face makeup.

My personal favourite scene: Professor Brady turns on -- and leaves on -- an X-ray machine in a classroom full of students. Don't expect an heir to the throne any time soon.

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