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We'll be tracking down still photos from as many of these films and shows as possible. If you have any information to contribute, please let us know. Yes, we are committed to watching each and every appearance of the Rat Patrol actors. You can save us from ourselves by contributing your own reviews and commentary. . . .
Christopher George Gary Raymond Justin Tarr
Hans Gudegast (Eric Braeden) Lawrence Casey

LCLawrence Casey

Biographical information from the HQ: Also acting under "Larry Casey" and "Lawrence P. Casey." Born in 1940, one of eight children. His family moved to the East Side of NYC when he was 10, and Larry dreamed of becoming a professional ball player. The death of his father in 1955 brought an end to the dream, and he worked after school to help support his family. Graduated high school in 1958. Married to Katha; one child Melissa. Physical stats: 6', blond hair, blue eyes.

title date medium role brief comments / links
Night Walk 1989 TV movie Timothy Alfieri According to the Internet Movie Database (IMDb)
Unholy Matrimony 1988 TV movie Follett
(episode #1.0) 9/29/1985
1985 TV series Colonel Keel According to the Internet Movie Database (IMDb)
Weekends 1981 film Roland
Borderline 1980 film Andy Davis With Charles Bronson, Bruno Kirby, Ed Harris, and Wilford Brimley.
Comments from SusanElaine: "Just recieved and watched 'Borderline.' BOY Oh BOY!!! did Larry ever grow up nice. Even with a moustache. (YOU know --- the hairy thing some guys grow under their noses.) It was a small part, with only about 5 lines. But a lot of head shots and one long sequence of him walking toward the cameras. I know the movie was made almost 20 years ago, but Larry still looks great."
Good Guys Wear Black 1979 film Mike Potter With Chuck Norris and Jim Backus, et. al. Gets a rather, uhm, bad review on IMDb ("suicide would be an improvement [on having to watch this film]"). The good news is it's readily available on video, and you can probably buy it for about the price of a rental.
Acapulco Gold 1978 film Gordon According to the Internet Movie Database (IMDb)
Spider-Man Strikes Back
aka The Deadly Dust (1986 video release)
aka Spiderman: The Deadly Dust
1978 TV Movie ??? According to the Internet Movie Database (IMDb)
Logan's Run
"The Collectors"
(Originally Aired 9/23/77)
1977 TV Series ??? From Anne: "According to my Starlog episode guide, Lawrence Casey appears in the second episode!" The episode synopsis: Jessica and Logan are captured by alien invaders who manipulate their minds into believing they have found Sanctuary. Rem finds other captives from yet another planet and devises a plan that could free them all. An episode guide lists guest cast as Angela Cartwright, Linden Chiles, and Leslie Parrish.
The Rockford Files
"The Gang at Don's Drive In"
(episode #4.15)
1977 film ??? According to the Internet Movie Database (IMDb)
The Great Waldo Pepper 1975 film German Star According to the Internet Movie Database (IMDb)
The Erotic Adventures of Robinson Crusoe 1975 film Robinson Crusoe Uhm, this one is also according to the Internet Movie Database (IMDb). Can anyone confirm any of these appearances and/or send us a description and review?
Return to Peyton Place 1972 TV Series Rodney Harrington #1 According to the Internet Movie Database (IMDb)
The Student Nurses 1970 film Jim Caspar This one we know he was in; and we have a, well, less than positive review (below). In summary: Bad plot, good eye candy.
"I finally watched Student Nurses with Larry Casey, which a kind friend of mine taped for me when it ran on Showtime a few months ago.

I have one word for this movie: EEEEEeeeuw.

It's a long drawn-out soap opera about four student nurses, made harder to follow by the fact that three of them look alike.

The message of the movie is apparently: Men Bad. Women Stupid. Each girl meets a guy who makes her miserable.

Mr. Casey plays a doctor who is an arrogant jerk.

I have to admit though, he is a GORGEOUS arrogant jerk. Exactly 52 minutes from the opening credits of the movie, there is a lovely view of him from behind. I'm not talking about a quick flash where you need a finger on the pause button--I'm talking about a leisurely nude stroll past the camera. He looks like a classical statue, very well conditioned.

Just ignore the fact that he's sleeping with the student nurse in exchange for not turning her in for seriously overdosing a patient who was lucky to survive (which she may have done on purpose to get him into bed--they are a singularly unlikeable pair).

The rest of the movie is pretty forgettable. I did recognize the woman who played Mrs. Olsen on Little House on the Prairie as a tough nursing supervisor."


Massacre Harbour 1969 TV movie Private Hitchcock Yes ... a movie version of The Rat Patrol, a recut version of the 3-part "The Last Harbor Raid." Hitch gets the girl. Sort of.
The Gay Deceivers
Gay Deceivers poster
1969 film Elliot Crane Comedy: Two straight guys (Danny and Elliot) avoid military service by pretending to be gay, but when the recruiting officer doesn't believe them they have to act the part by moving into an all-gay community. Critical opinion seems to be divided over whether the stereotypical portrayals are naively camp, offensive, or simply outmoded and a good measure of how far movies have progressed. With Kevin Coughlin as Danny.
There's an ad on TV Land now for Emergency! that points out that, every time the show might conceivably get boring, the alarm goes off and it becomes Very Exciting! Well, the Gay Deceivers engages in a similar pattern. Every time the movie might become boring, either Larry Casey takes his shirt (or more!) off, or "Malcolm," the unbelievably swishy landlord juicily played by Michael Grier, shows up. Frankly, Larry and Michael MAKE this movie. The supposed star, Kevin Coughlin, has a relatively boring role in which he is, well, boring. On the other hand, Larry Casey's character, Elliot, throws himself into the role of pretending to be gay so enthusiastically that even Danny gets nervous. And he really does spend most of the movie half-undressed. Meanwhile, Malcolm is so over-the-top that he is simply a joy to watch, playfully tackling every cliche with glee. Poetry in motion. We were watching this on a 13-inch screen at REVELcon and a woman all the way across the room was admiring Malcolm's undulations.

This is a fun movie to watch late at night with a pitcher of margaritas and a finger on the freeze-frame button (there are a couple quick flashes of Larry's rear).


Further commentary by Ivan Beshkov on the IMDb site. FestiveVideo has the best price found so far for purchasing this film via the Internet.
Sole Survivor 1969 TV movie Gant
"The Running Man"
(episode 10.26)
1968 TV series Jess Parker
The Rat Patrol 1966-1968 TV series Pvt. Mark Hitchcock Heard of this? No? Better get to the briefing room
"The Well"
(episode 12.9, airdate 11/19/1966)
1966 TV series Jim Libby LC as an army deserter who returns to Dodge City in the middle of a drought.

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