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Is this Justin Tarr? The Philishave Update
A December 1998 commercial from Canada for Philishave razors was sent to us by Barb McDonald, a Tully fan who caught it during a Rat Patrol broadcast on History Television. The spot is quite short and the actor looked like Justin Tarr on the video, but after some investigation we've learned that it's a different actor.

Christopher George Gary Raymond Justin Tarr
Hans Gudegast (Eric Braeden) Lawrence Casey

JT Justin Tarr

Biographical information from the HQ: Born in Amarillo Texas, 1940. When he was 9 his family moved to a cattle ranch near Black Forest, CO. Attended St. Mary's High School in Colorado Springs, where he excelled at shot-put, javelin, discus, boxing, basketball and weightlifting. After a year in college, a fling at flying school, and many odd jobs, he flew to New York City and enrolled in the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Divorced; one son named Achilles. Physical stats: 6'1", blond hair, brown eyes.

title date medium role brief comments / links
Midnight Caller 1990 TV Series Emmet Tyler
Hawaii Five-0: "Up the Rebels"
Season 10 episode 1
1977 TV series Foley
A fan gave us the scoop on this JT sighting: "AKA why it pays to channel surf at 3 am.... This morning, while surfing, I spotted JT on Hawaii-50 in an episode titled Up the Rebels. There is a great writeup of the episode here. He plays a bad guy named Foley who attempts to blackmail the even badder bad guy (played by Steven Boyd who died three months before this episode was aired) and ends up being blown to bits by the badder bad guy who plants a bomb in a briefcase full of money. The show was the pilot episode of season 10 in 1977. GREAT shots of the man and he still looked GOOD. Longer hair and bangs and I have to admit I wasn't sure it was him even though I thought the pinky ring looked VERY familiar. When he spoke there was no doubt. He is credited only as 'Tar.' Favorite line (by Boyd's character re Foley): 'I like doing business with professionals. They have no ethics, no principles, and no moral standards. So one always knows what to expect from them.'"

The reviewer on the web site linked to above says: "This stunning episode ranks near the top of my pantheon of Hawaii Five-0 greats. Besides a timely and convincing story, what made it so special were stunning performances by Steven Boyd, Elayne Heilveil and Jack Lord. ... As for Jack Lord, his interaction with both of them lifted those scenes to a level of intensity seldom achieved during the run of the show. "

Bullitt 1968 film Eddy Performing alongside Steve McQueen, Robert Vaughn, Jacqueline Bisset, Robert Duvall, Norman Fell, Georg Stanford Brown, and Vic Tayback
Massacre Harbour 1969 TV movie Private Pettigrew Yes ... a movie version of The Rat Patrol, a recut version of "The Last Harbor Raid." Tully remains enigmatic.
The Rat Patrol 1966-1968 TV series Pfc. Tully Pettigrew Heard of this? No? Better get to the briefing room

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