Eric Braeden (who we will always fondly think of as Hans Gudegast) has over 200 film and television appearances to his credit starting with his first student film, and this list has a long way to go to be exhaustive. The man just keeps on working and complicating things....

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Biographical Information from the HQ: Born Hans Gudegast in Kiel, Germany, a port city near the Baltic Sea; on 3 April 1941 -- some say 1943. Family: the third of four brothers, had a fairly typical upper-middle-class childhood -- having been too young to be really touched by the war. His father died when Hans was 12 and after that the family finances took a dive, though not alarmingly so. At 18 (in 1959) after graduation from high school, Hans came to America. He came alone, the rest of his family staying behind in Kiel, where they still live. School: a track scholarship to U of Montana, Los Angeles City College. Married (Dale) during shooting of Rat Patrol; They have a son, Christian. Physical Statistics: 6'1", brown eyes, dark blond hair now dark brown. Young & the Restless' Victor Newman, Titanic's John Jacob Astor.

Thanks to the members of the Rat Patrol mailing list for providing many of the credits listed below.

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1990s - present
title date medium role biased comments
Meet ... The Deedles 1998 film Elton Deedle EB as the billionaire father of two surfer dudes from Hawaii who end up in Yellowstone posing as Rangers. EB gets a little screentime at the beginning and end of the movie: he runs on the beach with a surfboard and relaxes in a Hawaiian shirt, sipping a drink from a coconut, with a prairie dog on his shoulder.
Titanic 1997 film (blockbuster variety) John Jacob Astor In this top grossing film (by virtue of opening in an era of inflated movie prices), EB's role as the millionaire patriarch of the Astor family is brief but high profile. See the official Titanic web site for more details, although it will probably mostly be about Leonardo diCaprio and Kate Winslet and that endlessly playing theme song. The web site is bound to be around for a while now that the movie has won so many awards
The Young and the Restless 1980 - present TV series (soap opera) Victor Newman (AKA Christian Miller) Victor wears black. Victor broods. Victor has a dashing moustache. EB's fellow actors say, "There just isn't enough Victor to go around." Folks who don't watch soaps (such as myself) have been missing a phenomenon.
The Nanny "Sunday in the Park with Fran" 1994 TV series Critic (season 1 episode 18, airdate 3/23/1994)
Perry Mason Mystery: "The Case of the Wicked Wives" 1993 TV David Morrison
Jackie Collins' Lucky/Chances 1990 TV miniseries Dimitri Stanislopolous
The Ambulance 1990 TV movie (USA Network) The Doctor A cartoonist searches for a woman who mysteriously vanishes after an ambulance supposedly takes her to a hospital. Also starring Eric Roberts, James Earl Jones, Red Buttons, Megan Gallagher, and Janine Turner.
Murder, She Wrote "One White Rose for Death" 1986 TV series Col. Gerhardt Brunner (season 3 episode 4, Airdate 10/19/86) Attending a concert in Washington, D.C., the crime-solving mystery author Jessica Fletcher (Angela Lansbury) gets involved with two East German defectors and a murder. Also guest-starring Len Cariou and Bernard Fox.
Airwolf "Birds of Paradise" 1986 TV series Nick Kincaid Airdate: 3/29/1986
Deadly Revenge post-1986? film? ???
Charlie's Angels "Attack Angels"


1981 TV series John Reardon (season 5, episode 14. Airdate 6/10/1981) Most shocking fact about this episode: that Charlie's Angels actually lasted five seasons
The Aliens Are Coming 1980 TV movie Leonard Nero (science fiction)
The Power Within 1980 (1979?) TV movie Stephens Listed under Horror / Suspense
Vega$ "Classic Connections" 1979 TV series Ringleader Airdate: 12/19/1979
CHiPs "Mait Team" 1979 TV series Senator Lerwin (season 2, episode 15. Airdate 1/13/1979)
How the West Was Won


1978 TV Series Francis Britten
Happily Ever After 1978 TV movie ??? with Suzanne Somers and Tyne Daly
Code Name: Diamond Head 1977 TV movie Ernest Graeber This film was done as an MST3K few years back...
Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo 1977 film Bruno Von Stickle A Love Bug sequel: EB as obnoxious race-car-driving villain.
The Adultress 1977 (1973?) film ??? This interesting information from Anne Collins Smith: I think the "Anonymous Jerrie Scum" ... is Norbert Meisel; he and another actor named Manfred Lating played most of the anonymous German characters on Rat Patrol. Recently I was visiting a friend who had a professional copy of a Really Bad Movie starring Eric Braeden and Tyne Daly (who was very young and thin), made just a few years after RP. What struck me about the movie was that it was produced by none other than ... Norbert Meisel! EB plays a drifter who is hired on to help an elderly man with some hard outdoor work; eventually the old man, who is infertile, asks EB to impregnate his wife. I think it was called The Adulteress, but I'm not sure.
Cannon "The Quasar Kill" 1976 TV series Carl Bruckner Airdate: 4/2/1976
The Mary Tyler Moore Show "The Critic" 1976 TV series Karl Heller He plays a critic who dates Mary once and gets a pie in the face in the end. Just keep watching Nick at Nite in the wee hours every morning -- eventually this one has to come on
Death Scream 1975 TV movie ??? aka Streetkill aka The Woman Who Cried Murder. Raul Julia movie about Kitty Genovese, the woman who was stabbed in NY while neighbors ignored her screams. EB plays a Polish (?) immigrant. Dorothy tells us: "He looks good in one of those old fashioned t-shirts (sleeveless style) and his character does the right thing in the end. Sort of a white trash role." Very difficult to find; it was either never released on tape or was discontinued.
The New, Original Wonder Woman "Skateboard Whiz" 1975 TV series Donelson (according to a Wonder Woman episode guide web site)
Drangel (according to the IMDb)
Aired: November, 1978. Wonder Woman's god-daughter, a teenage skateboard whiz, is used by a mobster for extortion and blackmail purposes.
Barbary Coast "Crazy Cats" 1975 TV series ??? Episode 3: Cable (William Shatner) poses as a reporter in order to recover a valuable jade cat from a wealthy rancher (airdate 15 Sep 75). This series also starred Doug McClure and Richard Kiel.
Matt Helm "Panic" 1975 TV series ??? Record pirates murder a detective friend of Helm's who had been hired by a suspicious musician. Also starring Tony Franciosa as Matt Helm, and guest-starring Lynda Carter and Wes Parker.
Barnaby Jones "Jeopardy for Two" 1975 TV series ??? end of 3rd season, episode 60. Aired 4/1/75.
The F.B.I. "Diamond Run" 1974 TV series ??? (series 9, episode 18. Airdate 3/10/1974 -- those are the only facts we have)
Banacek "The Vanishing Chalice"
1974 TV series Paul Beletho Episode 13; Airdate: 1/15/1974; also guest starring Cesar Romero, John Saxon, Lester Rawlins and Little Egypt as the Belly Dancer. I caught only the very end of this one on A&E and am hoping it shows up again soon; if I'm lucky, I'll find the videotape with that snippet recorded on it, and post an image or two. The plot: Banacek tries to figure out how a Greek treasure disappeared in a museum gallery in front of startled onlookers; Eric Braeden's character almost becomes the fall guy.
Kolchak: The Night Stalker "The Werewolf" 1974 TV series Bernhardt Stieglitz Airdate: 1/11/1974.
images Kolchak (Darren McGavin) is sent to do a series of light articles on a cruise ship. This proves to be difficult when passengers and crew are savagely attacked by a shadowy figure. A brief glimpse of the heavily furred killer under the full moon convinces Kolchak that a werewolf is about. He prepares silver buckshot using buttons from the captain's uniform. EB guest stars as a drug-crazed NATO soldier whose platoon had been wiped out by a "wolf" attack; he now appears to be under the curse of having to wear a cheap wolf suit when the moon rises. Also guest-starring that staple of 1970s television, Dick Gautier.
O'Hara ??? TV series? ???
The Ultimate Chase 1974 film ??? with Britt Ekland (also listed as The Ultimate Thrill)
Gunsmoke "The Iron Blood Of Courage" 1974 TV series William Talley He grew his famous moustache for one of his several Gunsmoke appearances. This episode originally aired February 18, 1974 (season 19). Also guest-starring Mariette Hartley, Lloyd Bochner, and Gene Evans.
Barnaby Jones "Perchance to Kill" 1973 TV series ??? season 1, episode 5. Aired 3/11/73
Hawaii Five-O "The Diamond That Nobody Stole" 1973 TV series Djebara (series 5, episode 119, Airdate 3/6/1973) Eric Braeden, in his last Five-O appearance, plays international trade broker/counter-intelligence agent Djebara, a double agent who's befriending the man he has orders to kill. Trivia: this episode is the source of the shot of Ben jumping over the fence in the main titles.
Switch "Thirty Thousand Witnesses" ??? TV series ???
Kojak "When You Hear the Beep, Drop Dead" ??? TV series ???
Death Race 1973 TV movie Stoeffer
Lady Ice 1973 film? Peter Brinker
The Judge and Ms. Wyler 1972 TV movie ??? with Bette Davis. Also listed as The Judge and Jake Wyler
Escape From The Planet of the Apes 1971 film Dr. Otto Hasslein with Roddy McDowell. I respect these actors and enjoy their many varied performances. I still can't quite cope with the fact that they both appeared in a Planet of the Apes movie. I think it must have been taken much more seriously at the time it was first screened. EB plays a "weasly official who pretends to befriend the apes but wants them killed (the villain)"
Honeymoon with a Stranger pre-1971? film ??? with Janet Leigh
Gunsmoke "Gold Train: the Bullet" (3 parts) 1971 incredibly long-running TV series Sinclaire Originally aired 11/29, 12/6, & 12/13/1971
Gunsmoke "Jaekel" 1971 TV series Carl Jaekel Airdate: 2/1/1971
The F.B.I. "The Target" 1970 TV series ??? season 6; episode 150; aired 12/6/1970
The Mask of Sheba 1970 TV movie ??? aka Quest: Mask of Sheba
Colossus: The Forbin Project 1969 film Dr. Charles Forbin This one gets to be called a classic: Taut, thoughtful, and ultimately dark film about a supercomputer designed to control the nation's nuclear arsenal that first takes over Dr. Forbin's life, then decides to take over the planet. Also seen listed as The Day the World Changed Hands. A must see and easy to find, often broadcast.
Honeymoon with a Stranger 1969 TV movie ???
A Hundred Rifles 1969 film Von Klemme (as Hans Gudegast) Also listed as 100 Rifles. With Burt Reynolds
Hawaii Five-O "A Bullet for McGarrett" 1969 TV series Dr. Paul Farrar episode 29; Original air date: 10/29/69
Condensed from a long episode guide description of why this was such a dreadful episode: Wo Fat meets with his "most brilliant student" and disciple, Dr. Paul Farrar (EB), a university psychology professor who has mastered the technique of hypnotizing people to become assassins. One of Farrar's students (played by Sheila Larken, most recently seen as the mother of FBI agent Dana Scully on The X-Files) knocks off a man who tries to hustle her. McGarrett decides to use a policewoman as bait for Farrar. The policewoman and Farrar get chummy, leading to a scene on the beach with hazy photography where he hypnotizes her with goopy music that sounds like it was used in a Star Trek episode. Farrar convinces her that McGarrett is the man who abused her mother. She eventually shoots McGarrett, who subsequently seems to be in pretty good shape when fighting Farrar....
   I remember seeing this episode on some late-night broadcast; at the time I only noticed that EB was in it, but in retrospect I guess it was a pretty goopy episode.
Dayton's Devils 1968 film? Max Eikhart
Garrison's Gorillas "The War Diamonds" 1968 TV series Frank Miller (airdate 3/5/68) A Rat Patrol contemporary -- also a WWII drama series. The team breaks into a safe to recover industrial diamonds slated for use in German machinery, only to discover that someone was there before them. Once back in England, Garrison discovers who stole them and the team travels to Switzerland to make a deal with the thief. Unknown to the Gorillas, a rival is also after the gems, and Garrison begins an unknowing race with his German counterpart for the jewels.
Blue Light


1968? TV series ??? Plays a clever yet somehow easily duped wicked Nazi. This series starred Robert Goulet.
The Rat Patrol 1966-1968 TV series Hauptmann Hans Dietrich If we still have to explain what this is, the Captain will see you immediately in the briefing room for indoctrination
Mission: Impossible "The Short Tail Spy"


1966 TV series Andrei Fetyakov season 1, episode 13; airdate 12/17/1966
Mission:Impossible ??? TV series ??? A second MI appearance, this time as a spy courting Barbara Bain. Anyone have any further information on this?
Twelve O'Clock High "Day of Reckoning" 1966 TV series Major Bentz Another Rat Patrol contemporary with a growing fandom
The Man from U.N.C.L.E. "The Discotheque Affair" 1965 TV series Mr. Oakes
Morituri 1965 film uncredited role as Radio Officer aka The Saboteur, Code Name Morituri. With Marlon Brando
Combat! "The Sniper" 1963 TV series Hans Gruber Yes, another 1960s WWII drama with a strong fandom. This episode is from season 1, episode 28; airdate 4/16/63, and this time the character actually has a name (see earlier Combat! role).
Combat! "Night Patrol" 1963 TV series "German" Manfred Lating (one of Rat Patrol's staple anonymous Germans) is in the opening scene with EB. Both get to speak only German. Season 1, episode 22, airdate 3/5/1963
The Great Indoors pre-1965 theatre ??? Broadway production, with Curt Jurgens and Geraldine Page.
Kean pre-1965 theatre Prince of Wales Santa Monica Playhouse opening season premiere production
Kraft Suspense Theater pre-1965 TV series? ???
Operation Eichmann 1961 film Klaus Hans Gudegast's first screen acting credit. A quickie project, rushed into production for release on the eve of Adolf Eichmann's trial in Israel for war crimes. Werner Klemperer plays the title role. The film was released in March, and within a matter of a few months, Eichmann would be convicted for his atrocities and hanged on May 21, 1961.
The Riverbusters pre-1961 student film (documentary) According to his official Young & the Restless bio, a fellow student at Montana State University invited him on a boat trip up the Salmon River in Idaho. The Salmon River was known as the "river of no return," and he and his partner were the first to survive the treacherous waters. This is the film of their journey.

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