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RAT PATROL Filmographies
We'll be tracking down still photos from as many of these films and shows as possible. If you have any information to contribute, please let us know. Yes, we are committed to watching each and every appearance of the Rat Patrol actors. You can save us from ourselves by contributing your own reviews and commentary. . . .

The sources for some of the quotes below have been misplaced -- but thank you all!

Christopher George Gary Raymond Justin Tarr
Hans Gudegast (Eric Braeden) Lawrence Casey

CGChristopher George

Biographical Information from the HQ: Born in Royal Oak, Michigan. Feb 25, 1929. Died Nov 29, 1983. Family: His father was a salesman, and the family traveled with him to Ohio, New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Washington DC. The brood finally settled in Miami, the city Chris called home. He spoke Greek before he did English. Brother: Nick George (a high-fashion photographer and movie director.) Religion: Greek Orthodox; his family wanted him to be a priest. Graduated from Miami High. After a hitch in the Marines, where he became an expert marksman, he returned home to enter the University of Miami, where he received his BA in finance. Physical stats: 5'11", dark brown hair, blue eyes. Married early and divorced. Married next to Lynda Day; two children from their marriage.

title date medium role biased comments
Mortuary 1984 film Hank Andrews This one appears to be about a creepy undertaker. [we ought to be able to get a few images from this and other films]
Pieces 1983 film
Graduation Day 1981 film
The Exterminator 1980 film Detective James Dalton "I also saw him in a really bad and gross movie as a Vietnam vet chasing down a serial killer. The serial killer liked to let the punishment fit the crime, so for example he killed a mob boss who ran the meatpacking industry by putting him through an industrial-sized grinder.... Gave me the willies."
Paura nella citta' dei morti viventi 1980 film Peter Bell aka City of the Living Dead aka Fear in the City of the Living Dead aka The Fear aka Gates of Hell aka Twilight of the Dead . . .
Cruise Into Terror 1978 TV film
Questo si' che e' amore 1978 film
Wonder Woman 1970s TV Series Rochek The 1940s-setting incarnation of the Lynda Carter series.
Lynda Day plays the main villain in this episode, an evil fraulein who sets out to kidnap the mighty amazon and turn her over to Hitler. Wonder Woman wins the villainess over to the side of Truth, Justice, and star-spangled bloomers through use of a brief feminist treatise.
    Lynda Day does an accent that makes her sound exactly like Zsa Zsa Gabor. Chris George does a bad German accent. Possibly a bad Russian accent. I can't tell -- it's bad. So's his moustache.
    "Oss long oss ze Fazerland gets zee credit, ve can accomplish our obchectiffs mit zee golden lasso!"
    I used to take this show utterly seriously, mind you.
    Actually, the show is rather surprisingly refreshing, especially when Wonder Woman starts talking about how male domination prevents women from reaching their full potential, and how it's through the purity of the all-female society of Paradise Island that she developed her skills, not through any special powers not inherent in every woman. The show is kinda subversive. So is Lynda Carter's WonderBra.
Day of the Animals 1977 film Steve Buckner aka Something Is Out There
Dixie Dynamite 1976 film Sheriff Phil Marsh
Grizzly 1976 film Kelly aka Killer Grizzly
Mayday at 40,000 Feet! 1976 TV film Stan Burkhart
Midway 1976 film Lt. Commander C. Wade McClusky aka The Battle of Midway
The Shootist 1976 film Books' victim in flashback
The Last Survivors 1975 TV film
S.W.A.T. 1975 TV series
(guest appearance)
Bravo in the episodes "Death Carrier" (4/28/75) and "Deadly Tide" (Parts 1 and 2: 9/13 & 20/75)
The Inbreaker 1974 film Roy
I Escaped from Devil's Island 1973 film Davert
The Train Robbers 1973 film Calhoun With John Wayne. CG has a fairly large role.
The Heist 1972 TV film Joe Craddock
Mission: Impossible 1972 TV series
(guest appearance)
Wendal Hoyos in the episode "Nerves"
Dead Men Tell No Tales 1971 TV film
The Delta Factor 1971 film Morgan
Escape 1971 TV film Cameron Steele
Man on a String 1971 TV
1970s TV series
(guest appearance)
Vincent, a suave bad guy with crude edges Just caught this one on cable. Also starring Dennis Weaver and guest-starring Lynda Day George. CG has a relatively small role as a the strong-arm for a loan shark, yet manages to fit such a range of expression into a few short scenes that the viewer gains insight into the character's entire background. Pretty impressive for a 70s cop show.
Chisum 1970 film Dan Nodeen With John Wayne, Jorge Rivero, and Chris Mitchum, with Chris George as the bad guy and Linda Day as the wife of the shop keep.
The House on Greenapple Road 1970 TV Dan August House on Greenapple Road was the pilot for a Dan August series. The series lead went to Burt Reynolds. The details, from Bill Brisko: "I know this one for sure.... It did star Chris George, and he did play Dan August.... It later became a Quinn Martin Production starring Burt Reynolds and Norman Fell, and it ran for two years. The series was based, and the movie entirely based, on the short novel 'The House on Greenapple Road' by Dan Daniels, who I believe was a cop who took to bookwriting. The movie is pretty much based on the book. In fact, I even had the book in hardcover at one time. I was a Dan August junkie. They cancelled the show when he started bringing in Congressmen, Senators, etc. You know how Reynolds and Quinn Martin thought of Politicians, especially around the end of Vietnam and just before Watergate!!! I watched the pilot House on Greenapple Road on ABC, it was on a couple of times. In fact, I even remember the plot.... I think one can still get the book at the library."
Massacre Harbour 1969 TV movie Sgt. Sam Troy This alleges to be a movie version of The Rat Patrol, a recut version of "The Last Harbor Raid"
The Immortal 1969, 1970 TV series Ben Richards
The Devil's 8 1969 film Ray Faulkner
The Thousand Plane Raid 1969 film Col. Greg Brandon "It's amazing what movies Chris George has been in. I enjoyed the 1,000 Plane Raid, though it wasn't very good; he was basically playing Troy in a plane instead of a jeep." -- Anne Collins Smith
Project X 1968 film Hagen Arnold This one hasn't gotten any good reviews yet: "Taped Project X(1968) off the Sci Fi channel couple of weeks ago. It is an excellent candidate for MST3000. Bad editing, bad story, bad Jonny Quest cartoon inserts (really), bad special effects. The only reason to do that movie had to be to pay the rent. But I saved it for some sentimental reason."
Tiger by the Tail 1968 film
El Dorado 1967 film Nelse McLeod
Enter the Ninja [to come] film [to come] "He was hilarious as the bad guy in Enter the Ninja, in which he was definitely not playing Troy! He even had an English sidekick, and a huge office with a swimming pool full of synchronized swimmers. Honest." -- Anne Collins Smith
The Rat Patrol 1966-1968 TV series Sgt. Sam Troy yadda yadda yadda, you know what this is about, and if you don't, report immediately to the briefing room for indoctrination
In Harm's Way 1965 film (uncredited) A bit part. From Dave: "In the scene from the last battle, a sailor (CG) calls John Wayne to tell him that the main bridge has been hit and all the officers are dead." A host of actors appear, uncredited, in this film.
Bewitched 1964 TV series George the warlock Endora tries to break up the Samantha's marriage by arranging for an old boyfriend to sweep Sam off her feet again. CG turns the charm way up, and George the warlock ends up wooing and winning the Stevens' pretty new next-door neighbour. (episode 30)

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