Briefing: Memories of Chris

Memories of Chris

Saturday, 10 April 1999

In the hospital tent Yesterday the episode where Moffitt was captured and in front of the firing squad was broadcast on Canada's History Television. He had a broken leg and ended up with a bullet crease to the head. He wasn't feeling particularly well. A little under the weather I'd say. (The Double or Nothing Raid) At the end the guys are paying him a visit in the hospital and Troy takes the thermometer out of Moffitt's mouth and says, "He suffers so nicely." Do you remember that?

Just Troy uttering those words took me back to the late 60's early 70's when Chris George was pretty regularly doing the talk show circuit. You know, Merv Griffin, Mike Douglas, Johnny Carson and Dick Cavett. "He suffers so nicely" brought back memories of Chris.

I was always so amazed at seeing him because he was so different from Troy and I knew Troy like the back of my hand. I lived and breathed The Rat Patrol. I never saw any one else interviewed, just Chris accompanied sometimes by his wife Linda Day George.

Chris was such a happy, suave, charming, smiley, fun-loving guy. You couldn't help but smile when you watched him. Always joking and playing around. He was in love with life. So vibrant and so unlike Troy who was so serious and intense and, you know, unsmiley. "He suffers so nicely" is Chris. That was Chris talking, not Troy. I can't tell you how big Chris was. He was great! I miss him. I should say I miss all the things he didn't have the chance to do. I'd have given anything to met Chris back then. He looked like he had so much fun and was a great guy to hang out with.

Anyway, I just thought I'd share my impressions of him. If Troy (Chris) hadn't uttered those words "He suffers so nicely," my memories of all those talk show visits would still be buried in the back of that endless chasm -- my brain. I'd love to get a hold of those interviews. I just might do some investigating.


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