It's something like a drinking game, but since one should never drink and drive a jeep, we've substituted M&Ms. The rules are simple: whenever something on the list happens, you get an M&M (or two, or three for those really rare events). Settle down in front of an episode and give it a try.

Appears in episode 1
Has a truce with Troy 2
Saves Troy's life 2
Saves any other Rat's life 3
Speaks German 1
Speaks/translates Arabic 2
Speaks English 1
Eats 2
Puts his hands behind his back 1
Is smug when Rats are captured or in trouble 1
Is not only smug but puts hands behind back and rocks up and down on heels when Rats captured or in trouble 2
Uses "Mr. Bullhorn" 3
Saves Dietrich's life 2
Says "Let's shake it!" 1
Says "Knock it off!" 1
Looks through binoculars 1
Swats Hitch with hat 2
Smokes 1
Salutes 2
Salutes Dietrich 3
Climbs to top of dune and flops on gut 1
Speaks/translates German 1
Speaks/translates French 2
Speaks/translates Arabic 2
Speaks/translates Swahili 3
"Doc's killer smile" 2
Gets interrogated 1
Makes jokes during interrogation 2
Says, "You're right, Troy, of course" 2
Announces that he has been here before with his Dad 2
Is not wearing blue ascot 2
Says, "Who was there, Sarge, you or me?" 1
Says, "Piece of cake" 1
Blows bubbles or plays with gum 2
Gets shot (arrows count) 1
Is called "Mark" 2
Wears his glasses 1
Gets the girl 1
Gets shot 1
Gets shot somewhere other than upper arm/shoulder 2
Hair is light brown 1
Hair is blond 1
First person to name Tully's hair color (e.g., "sandy," "gold-bronze," "straw") 2
Ersatz Tully appears--must yell "boo!" 1
Fires the bazooka 1
Grins after firing bazooka 2
Smokes 2
Is barechested under jacket 1
Anyone wears goggles 1
Anyone sees faces spinning above him 1
Anyone empties a canteen 1
Camera focuses on sun to emphasize how hot it is 1
Anyone shirtless 2
Anyone in undershirt 1
Anyone in civvies 1
Anyone in the other side's uniform 2
Anyone who isn't Hitch gets the girl 2
The Donkey, The Goat, or any barnyard life not a horse appears 1
Horses appear (per horse) 1
Anyone mentions childhood 1
Bust of Hitler appears 1
German extra falls from great height during shootout 1
German extra rolls downhill during fight 1
Manfred or Norbert appears 1
Manfred or Norbert dies 2
Family member or girlfriend of a Rat is endangered/dies 2
Rats steal German transportation 2
Familiar guest star appears 1
First person who identifies guest star 2
Familiar guest star sings 2
Familiar guest star dies 1
Binocular mask is used 1
Stock footage appears 1
Stock footage that obviously doesn't match appears 2
Stock footage from "Hogan's Heroes" opening credits appears 3
"Herr Narrator" is heard--yell "boo!" 1
Any German other than Dietrich is left standing 4

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