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Serious Articles, Meditative Musings, and Random Thoughts on the RAT PATROL, fandom, storytelling, television, and WWII
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Fandoms generate much serious disussion on sociology, what it takes to be entertaining, what our storytelling tells about our culture, what our fandoms tell about us, and what The Rat Patrol has done to make it so enduring; why one particular episode becomes a favourite; how The Rat Patrol stacks up against its contemporaries, what it does (and does not) teach us about our history. Just what does The Rat Patrol make you think about? Serious or frivolous, mainstream or feather-ruffling, topics that make people edgy, topics that make people smile; you can even be anonymous, if you like. If you're interested in finding a place for those thoughts, let us know.
--Desert Danger
Ruth fills us in on the second of the authorised Rat Patrol paperbacks.
(Dec 00)

--Anne's Convention reports
Anne reports the highlights of annual events where Rat Patrol watchers and other media fans gather.
(Nov 00 and ongoing)

--An Interview with Gary Raymond
Gary Raymond brought the Classified Dossier up to date on his current projects, took a tour through the web site, and answered a few of those vital questions that have been plaguing fans throughout the years....
(Oct 99)

--The Rat Patrol Viewing Game
It's something like a drinking game, but since one should never drink and drive a jeep, we've substituted M&Ms. The rules are simple: whenever something on the list happens, you get an M&M (or two, or three for those really rare events). Settle down in front of an episode and give it a try.
(Sept 99 and ongoing)

--The Great Eastern Brew Up
East Coast Rats meet for tea and espionage, and no one gets hurt. A photo and commentary from the Toronto get together.
(Aug 99)

--West Coast Marathon
Don't have time to read the entire episode synopsis guide? The West Coast Rats have assembled a handy series-at-a-glance list.
(28/29 Aug 99)
by The West Coast Rats Poetry Society

--'Twas The Night Before the Convoy -- Or, Visit From Four Rats
Poetry good in any season.
(29 Aug 99)
by The West Coast Rats Poetry Society

--Book Reviews
Books, videos, and online sources, from a little light background information to specialised topics; useful books as well as the heads up on books that don't quite pass inspection.
(ongoing, various contributors)

--Memories of Chris
A chance line in The Double or Nothing Raid brings back memories of Christopher George's appearances -- as himself. (10 April 99)
by Tulliac

--Episode Guide and Shameless Ratings System
Not just a synopsis. If you want to know how many lines Tully had or how gullible Dietrich was that week, this is the place to find out. No episode survives! (March & April 99)
by Jan Ilott

Following the actors' careers will lead you to both the very best and the very strangest cinema has to offer. A list of those film and television reviews that have their own pages on this site. Still mostly appearances by the Raymond family -- contributions encouraged.

--Dangerous Men! Character Biographies
All the information the show gives us -- plus the lowdown on our lads' nicks and scratches. (6 Feb. 99)
by LCW

--More Dangerous Men!
Additions to the Character Bios. (9 Feb. 99)
by various contributors

--Rat Patrol: From the Beginning
A belated appreciation and thoughts on the show's message during and after VietNam (26 Nov. 98)
by Anna G. McDougald

--Musings on The Rat Patrol
A sociologist shares his comments after seeing the show rebroadcast on Canada's History Television (11 Nov. 98)
by Alexander Roman, Ph.D.

--No One Wants to See This Girl Die
Why do we sense subtextual relationships on The Rat Patrol and other Sixties-era shows where it's not very likely there are any?
by Robin Mayhall

--Subtext as Text: Fan writers take charge
Information on Flanking Maneuvers, a Rat Patrol zine featuring strong writing, some serious historical context, and a lot of interesting fun. Please note: This is an adult zine.

--Jason and the Argonauts
the movie, the myth, and special effects then and now -- and a bit about Gary Raymond's role as chief villain
(heavily illustrated with scenes from the film)
(back under construction, but very much unfinished)
by C. Burrell

--Film Reviews
Highlander: Archangel (Emily Raymond)
The Invisible Man (Gary Raymond)
The Millionairess (Gary Raymond)
Look Back in Anger (Gary Raymond)
Playboy of the Western World (Gary Raymond)
Robin Hood: One Man's Meat (Gary Raymond)
UFO: The Man Who Came Back (Gary Raymond)

Please see also the individual filmography pages:

Hans Gudegast/Eric Braeden
Larry Casey
Christopher George
Gary Raymond
Justin Tarr

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