Great Eastern Brew Up - August 1999

The August 1999 graduating class of the Desert Rat Advanced Disguises program.

The first GEBU (Ontario chapter) get together

Sarah Anne: "I'm taking the time for a number of things that weren't important yesterday."

Saba: "Hot tea, great friends, and lots of RP talk, things just couldn't be better!"

Libby: "We came together with a single thing in common and left with many."

Sharon and Daryl: no quotes. They had begun their course entitled Resisting SS Interrogation Techniques and they wouldn't talk. (Well, Sharon did mumble something about, "By the way, don't eat the figs," but she must have just bit into her cyanide pill because we didn't have any figs.)

The next Toronto get together is scheduled for October....

(Webmaster's note: I have my suspicions Daryl wasn't really there at all, and this is all part of a complex plot by British Double-Cross Espionage agents and the London Controlling Section to invent a woman who never was. Then again, I may have been spending too much time in the research library.)

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