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Troy, Sgt. Sam

Pettigrew, Pvt. "Tully":

From Rhonda Overbeck:

In The Moment of Truth Raid Tully is shot in the left arm.
In The Truce at Aburah Raid he was shot in the left shoulder.
The David and Goliath Raid is correct.
In The Hickory, Dickory Dock Raid Tully is shot in the right leg.

From Jan Ilott: Regarding nicks and scratches, I believe Tully also got hit in the shoulder in the Truce at Aburah Raid. That's the one where the kid falls into the well.

Also, has anyone ever mentioned that wide range of clothing that Tully seemed to have? Long sleeve shirts, shirts with the arms cut off at the elbow, short-sleeved shirt, shirt and jacket, no shirt with jacket. Plus the two rings he wore? What's with those? I guess he was just making up for the fact he had the most boring hat. Imagine having to wear a metal helmet in that desert heat.

Tully is my favourite of the guys, simply because he just did his job regardless of what ridiculous plan Troy came up with. I always felt he had this "here we go again" attitude. I was real upset when he was kicked off the show.

Moffitt, Jack, Sgt.

More on Moffitt and languages from Anne on the Yahoo! board: The song Marianne sings [in The Last Harbour Raid] with a Chorus of French Fishermen is indeed "Sur le pont d'Avignon." The song she sings for the German officers is a risque piece called "Aupres de ma blonde" ("next to my blonde girl").

This episode also gives us a clue to Moffitt's French ability. You see, he's GOT to speak French. You can't get a Ph.D. in a classical field without it because so much of the secondary literature is in French. (Actually, nowadays you can, but you shouldn't. Back then, you couldn't.) He would also need it to get around in North Africa as much as he did.

As far as I know, we only actually hear him speak French once: in the Tug of War Raid, he barks, "Levez les mains!" (="haende hoch!" I mean, raise your hands!) at the guys they capture. He doesn't even get to speak French in the Fatal Reunion Raid. :-( If I remember correctly, though, he eavesdrops on the young resistance fighters in The Bratty French Kids Raid (I can't remember the real name!), and in the Last Harbour Raid, he translates Marianne's words for the rest of the Rats. She is barreling along quite rapidly in colloquial French (the actress is a native speaker), and he follows her without difficulty, so his French must be pretty darned good.

My pet theory is that he doesn't speak it much because he learned it as a child in North Africa, and Gabrielle teased him for having a dreadful colonial accent.

Hitchcock, Mark, Pvt.

Dietrich, Hans, Capt.

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