Dangerous men!
Character Biographies
by LCW
"There's a price on our heads...."
-- Moffitt to Troy in Life against Death Raid
"There are standing orders concerning your group. You're considered very dangerous...."
-- Dietrich to Troy in One that Got Away Raid

Dietrich, Hans, Capt.: Smokes and speaks Arabic. He has a quick temper when he's frustrated. Plays bridge.

Hitchcock, Mark, Pvt.: wears glasses. Prep school. Understands French. Common phrase: "Who was there, Sarge, you or me?" Has a soft spot for dogs (Darers Go First Raid). Knows how to shoot a bow. A known flirt who the ladies like!

Moffitt, Jack, Sgt.: "was in this desert while you were still sweating out the draft." Second Division, Scots Guards, Eight Army. "My father teaches anthropology at Cambridge. His field is North Africa. I wrote my doctoral thesis on the ecological structure of nomadic tribes. Before the war I visited North Africa with my father on many trips. Meteorology, sand conditions, odds and ends." Moffitt speaks German, Arabic, Italian, Swahili (Two for One Raid), and French. "Long time friend of the desert tribes." An expert on Arab culture. He and his father are brothers-in-blood with a tribe (Holy War Raid). "The family never quite got over the shock of my enlistment. They felt I had been too protected for the ranks." Father is an anthropologist who has friends "in the Ministry". He's spent some time in Germany, visited The Church of the 14 Holy Men (Exhibit A Raid). He can ride a horse (Holy Man Raid). Dietrich's comment: "His German's isn't as good as my English." (Holy Man Raid) He can throw a knife with great accuracy. Moffitt can pilot a tank. He has independent missions where he was "taking pictures of the coastal installations" (Double or Nothing Raid). "I'm just a cautious Desert Rat..." (Two if by Sea Raid). His younger brother is killed in Hickory Dickory Raid.

Pettigrew, Pvt. "Tully": has read Moffitt's father's book on archeology -- just finished it on Desert patrol. He is a southern boy who had a big nanny who used to "tie me to her apron strings". Kid moonshiner in Kentucky. "They're pot shooting him like they are at a turkey shoot." Tully is a very good shot with a slingshot (David and Goliath Raid).

Troy, Sgt. Sam: ID 172... doesn't read German (B-Negative Raid). Smokes. They've tried to make him a officer. Common phrase: "Shake it!" "I lost my father when I was about the same age as that boy [say, 16]. It was the worst day of my life." Has a knife in his boot, has a knife in his belt, wears a holster on his right hip. Troy was tortured by Col. Beckmann in a prison camp -- "I tried to forget that face but I couldn't." He can ride a horse. Knows and likes dogs. His brother David was in England when the war started and joined the RAF. David comments that Troy had a graduation party. David is (say) 4 years younger than Troy.

Peterson -- Tully's replacement. Rotten driver!

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